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Waterpik® Classic Jet Tip


For general use. Cleans deep between teeth and below the gumline. Clinically proven to be twice as effective as string floss for improving gum health.

Replace every 6 months

2 color-coded Water Flosser replacement tips per package (color of tips may vary)

Compatible Models

CC-01CD010-1 : Complete Care 9.0, White with Chrome

CC-01CD012-2 : Complete Care 9.0, Black with Chrome

CC-02CD010-1 : Complete Care 9.5, White with Chrome

CC-02CD012-2 : Complete Care 9.5, Black with Chrome

WF-02W010 : Cordless Express Water Flosser

WF-02W012 : Black Cordless Express Water Flosser

WF-03CD010 : Cordless Freedom Water Flosser

WF-03CD012 : Cordless Freedom Water Flosser

WP-100 : White Ultra Water Flosser

WP-100-450 : Waterpik® Ultra and Cordless Plus Water Flosser Combo

WP-112 : Black Ultra Water Flosser

WP-112-462 : Waterpik® Ultra and Cordless Plus Water Flosser Combo

WP-113 : Classic Blue Ultra Water Flosser

WP-115 : Radiant Orchid Ultra Water Flosser

WP-140-310 : Waterpik® Ultra and Nano Water Flosser Combo (** Discontinued **)

WP-150-310 : Costco Ultra Plus and Nano™ Water Flosser Combo

WP-260 : Water Flosser For Kids

WP-300 : Traveler Water Flosser

WP-560 : White Cordless Advanced Water Flosser

WP-562 : Black Cordless Advanced Water Flosser

WP-563 : Blue Cordless Advanced Water Flosser

WP-565 : Orchid Cordless Advanced Water Flosser

WP-569 : Rose Gold Cordless Advanced Water Flosser

WP-660 : White Aquarius® Water Flosser

WP-662 : Black Aquarius® Water Flosser

WP-663 : Classic Blue Aquarius® Water Flosser

WP-665 : Radiant Orchid Aquarius® Water Flosser

WP-667 : Modern Gray Aquarius® Professional Water Flosser

WP-670 : White Aquarius® Professional Water Flosser

WP-672 : Black Aquarius® Professional Water Flosser

WP-673 : Classic Blue Aquarius® Professional Water Flosser

WP-674 : Pink Aquarius® Professional Water Flosser

WP-675 : Radiant Orchid Aquarius® Professional Water Flosser

WP-676 : Teal Aquarius® Professional Water Flosser

WP-811 : Waterpik® Complete Care 5.5

WP-812 : Waterpik® Complete Care 5.5

WP-861 : Waterpik® Complete Care 5.0

WP-862 : Waterpik® Complete Care 5.0

WP-900 : Waterpik® Complete Care

WP-940 : White Waterpik® Ortho Care

WP-950 : White Waterpik® Complete Care 7.0 (** Discontinued **)

WP-952 : Black Waterpik® Complete Care 7.0 (** Discontinued **)

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