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WaterpikTM Water Flosser: Twice as Effective as String Floss for Reducing Gingival Bleeding

The Effect of Interdental Cleaning Devices on Plaque Biofilm and Gingival Bleeding

Rosema NAM et al. The effect of different interdental cleaning devices on gingival bleeding. J Int Acad Periodontol 2011; 13(1):2-10.


To evaluate the efficacy of a manual toothbrush plus a WaterpikTM water flosser versus a manual toothbrush plus traditional floss, to reduce gingival bleeding and plaque biofilm.


One hundred four subjects participated in this 30-day, randomized, single blind study. Group A used a WaterpikTM water flosser with the Classic Jet Tip plus a manual toothbrush, Group B used a WaterpikTM water flosser with the Plaque SeekerTM Tip plus a manual toothbrush, and Group C used waxed string floss plus a manual toothbrush. Subjects brushed twice daily and used either the water flosser or floss once daily in the evening. Gingival bleeding and plaque biofilm were evaluated at fourteen days and thirty days.


After fourteen days, used in conjunction with manual toothbrushing, the WaterpikTM water flosser with the Classic Jet Tip was twice as effective as traditional floss at reducing gingival bleeding. At thirty days, the relative improvement in gingival bleeding for the water flosser groups was even more dramatic. There were no significant differences between the WaterpikTM water flosser Classic Jet Tip and the Plaque SeekerTM Tip.


The WaterpikTM water flosser is a more effective alternative to traditional dental floss for reducing gingival bleeding and improving oral health.