DenscoTM CondensaireTM Condenser Accessories

These accessories are for the DENSCO CONDENSAIRE amalgam condenser. They are available separately from the Condenser Kit. Accessories include a variety of different tips and a tip holder.

Product Benefits

Individual accessories for the CondensaireTM Amalgam Condenser instrument

Compatible with the CondensaireTM Amalgam Condenser Kit

Available Sizes
Small Round Tip (1.14 mm)000809-000
1 Tip
Medium Round Tip (1.52 mm)000810-000
1 Tip
Large Round Tip (2.16 mm)000811-000
1 Tip
Round Rubber Tip (4.75 mm)000812-000
1 Tip
Rubber Tip Replacement End - Round000833-000
1 End
Rubber Tip Replacement End - Pointed000845-000
1 End
Tip Holder000829-000
1 Holder