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Waterpik water flosser reservoir valve

When to Replace a WaterpikTM Water Flosser Reservoir Valve

Some countertop WATERPIK water flosser models use a black valve in the bottom of the reservoir.

The valve is designed to prevent water from dripping out of the reservoir, but still allow it to flow when water flossing.

Over time, this valve may need to be cleaned or replaced. The information below provides details.

If the Reservoir Leaks from the Valve

Note: Water flosser products are not intended to store liquid between uses - be sure to empty your product after each use.


Water drips from the bottom of the reservoir valve


Clean and reshape the reservoir valve:

  1. Remove valve from reservoir by pushing it out from the bottom
  2. Push up from the bottom to remove valve
  3. Hold reservoir valve under warm running water
  4. Massage valve between index finger and thumb for 30-40 seconds
  5. Reinstall the valve, ensuring the dome side is facing up and the four-prong side is showing on the bottom
  6. Fill the reservoir with water and check for leaks
  7. If the valve continues to leak or breaks down while you are cleaning it, purchase a replacement:

Purchase Replacement Valve

If the Water Flosser Experiences Pressure Loss


Water pressure drops significantly, even at pressure high settings


If pressure is still low:

  1. Remove valve
  2. Set empty reservoir on base of unit
  3. Fill reservoir with water without removing it from the base
  4. Turn unit on and test pressure
  5. If pressure is restored with the valve removed, replace the reservoir valve:

Purchase Replacement Valve