WaterpikTM Water Flosser Tip Storage Case


A convenient, hygienic, and sturdy storage case for your WATERPIK water flosser tips.

Stores up to 6 flossing tips.

Compatible Water Flosser Models

Performance Countertop

Classic Blue Ultra Water Flosser (WP-113)

Classic Blue AquariusTM Water Flosser (WP-663)

Modern Gray AquariusTM Water Flosser (WP-667)

Ultra (WP-115) - Discontinued

Radiant Orchid AquariusTM Water Flosser (WP-665) - Discontinued

Handheld Cordless

Cordless Freedom (WF-03CD010, WF-03CD012)

Cordless Revive (WF-03W038, WF-03W033, WF-03W034, WF-03W037)

Cordless Pearl (WF-13CD010, WF-13CD012)

Classic Blue Cordless Plus Water Flosser (WP-463)

Orchid Cordless Plus Water Flosser (WP-465) - Discontinued

Rose Gold Cordless Advanced Water Flosser (WP-569) - Discontinued

Complete Care

Complete Care 9.5 (CC-02CD010-1, CC-02CD012-2) - Discontinued

Ortho Care (WP-940) - Discontinued

Complete Care 7.0 (WP-950, WP-952) - Discontinued

Club Only

Ultra Plus and Cordless Express (WP-150-WF-02)

Ultra Plus and Cordless Pearl (WP-150-WF-13)

Ultra Plus and Boost Tip (WP-150-WTT-1WW)

Ultra and Cordless Plus Combo (WP-100-450) - Discontinued

Ultra and Cordless Plus (WP-112-462) - Discontinued

Ultra and Nano Combo (WP-140-310) - Discontinued

Ultra Plus and Nano (WP-150-310) - Discontinued

Ultra Plus and Nano Plus (WP-150-320, WP-152-322) - Discontinued

Compatible Electric Toothbrush Models

Sensonic Electric Toothbrush and Cordless Pearl (STW-03-WF-13)