WaterpikTM Boost Tip + Fresh Mint Whitening Tablets


The Boost Tip + Fresh Mint Whitening Tablets delivers precision stain removal while you floss. This unique tip allows you to use WATERPIK Fresh Mint Whitening Tablets with most WATERPIK brand water flossers.*

Clinically shown to remove an additional 25% of stains vs. brushing alone.

Best for: Removing stains naturally from hard-to-reach areas, between teeth, and at the gumline where other products miss

Includes: 1 Boost tip and 30 tablets (for tablet refills, see WATERPIK Whitening Tablets)

How to use: Insert the Boost Tip into your water flosser handle, twist open, place the tablet, and close. Water floss as usual using lukewarm water, and enjoy the clean, minty fresh experience!

*Not for use with SidekickTM, Sonic-FusionTM, Whitening, and Classic water flossers.

Compatible Water Flosser Models

Performance Countertop

Evolution (WF-07W010-1)

Radiance (WF-09CD010-1)

ION (WF-11W010-1, WF-11W012-2)

ION Professional (WF-12CD020-1, WF-12CD022-4)

Ultra (WP-100, WP-112, WP-113, WP-117, WP-118)

Ultra Plus (WP-150)

For Kids (WP-260)

TravelerTM (WP-300)

Nano (WP-310)

Nano Plus (WP-320)

AquariusTM (WP-660, WP-662, WP-663, WP-667)

AquariusTM Professional (WP-670, WP-672, WP-673)

Handheld Cordless

Cordless Express (WF-02W010, WF-02W012)

Cordless Freedom (WF-03CD010, WF-03CD012)

Cordless Revive (WF-03W038, WF-03W033, WF-03W034, WF-03W037)

Cordless Select (WF-10W020, WF-10W022)

Cordless Pearl (WF-13CD010, WF-13CD012)

Cordless Slide (WF-16W010)

Cordless Slide Professional (WF-17CD010-1, WF-17CD013-4, WF-17CD017-1)

Cordless Pulse (WF-20CD010, WF-20CD013, WF-20CD017)

Cordless Enhance (WF-21W010, WF-21W012)

Cordless (WP-360)

Cordless Plus (WP-450, WP-462, WP-463)

Cordless Advanced 2.0 (WP-580, WP-582, WP-583, WP-587)

Cordless Select (WF-10W010) - Discontinued

Cordless Select (WF-10W012) - Discontinued

Cordless Advanced (WP-560, WP-562, WP-563, WP-567) - Discontinued

Complete Care

Complete Care 9.0 (CC-01CD010-1, CC-01CD012-2)

Sensonic Complete Care (CC-04CD010-1)

Complete Care 5.0 (WP-861, WP-862)

Club Only

Ultra Plus and Cordless Express (WP-150-WF-02)

Ultra Plus and Cordless Pearl (WP-150-WF-13)

Ultra Plus and Boost Tip (WP-150-WTT-1WW)

Evolution and Nano (WF-07-WP-310) - Discontinued

Ultra Plus and Nano Plus (WP-150-320) - Discontinued

Compatible Electric Toothbrush Models

Sensonic Electric Toothbrush and Cordless Pearl (STW-03-WF-13)

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