Gum Disease Symptoms & Treatment

Because the primary cause of gum disease is plaque, any type of gum disease treatment requires good daily care at home. Waterpik oral health care products are clinically proven to reduce gingivitis, remove plaque, and improve gum health to help prevent and treat gum disease.


You may have gum disease if you are experiencing:

  • Bleeding or receding gums
  • Inflammation around your teeth
  • Persistent bad breath

The severity of gum disease ranges from a mild type known as gingivitis to the more serious type called periodontitis. The most severe cases of gum disease can result in tissue damage, bone loss, and even tooth loss.


Treatment of gum disease depends on a number of factors, including the severity of the disease, the quality of your oral health care, and risk factors such as smoking, diabetes, and pregnancy.

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    Gum Disease: Gingivitis

  • Dental professional holding light over woman in dentist chair

    How Long Will Gingivitis Take to Heal

    You can heal gingivitis quickly, but it needs your daily attention. If you ignore it, this common form of gum disease can progress to periodontitis.

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  • Tooth in inflamed gum

    Gingivitis: Symptoms, Causes, & Treatment

    The main cause of gingivitis is dental plaque. If not removed regularly, plaque can accumulate between your teeth and around the gums.

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  • Dental professional demonstrating gum check

    Dentist Gum Check Numbers and What They Mean

    Complete dental checkups always include evaluating your gum health. Healthy gums are usually firm and pink, don’t bleed easily during brushing and flossing, and fit snugly around teeth.

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  • Man with tooth pain grimacing

    Learn About Bleeding Gums, Why It's A Problem, & What You Can Do

    Do you ever see pink on your toothbrush or in the sink after you spit?

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  • Waterpik Water Flossers

    Home Remedies: Treating Gingivitis Using The WATERPIK water flosser

    In order to reverse gum inflammation, you need to remove the plaque from your teeth that is releasing toxins and causing inflammation.

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  • Mircoscope image of plaque

    Cure Gum Disease and Get Rid of Bad Breath

    If you suffer from bad breath or you notice a bad taste in your mouth, make an appointment to see your dental professional. He or she can determine whether the cause is poor oral health.

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  • Gum Disease: Periodontitis

  • Waterpik™ Pik Pocket™ Tip

    Effective Periodontal Pocket Treatment - Use A WATERPIK Pik Pocket Tip

    Any type of periodontal disease treatment requires good daily care at home. The WATERPIK water flosser is clinically proven to remove plaque and improve gum health.

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  • Dental professional holding a demonstration mouth with teeth and gums

    How to Treat Periodontal Disease

    If you’ve been diagnosed with periodontitis, the more severe form of periodontal disease, you’re among the nearly half of all Americans over age 30 who live with this chronic condition. But don’t let the fact that it’s common lull you into complacency.

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  • Tooth in inflamed gum

    Periodontitis: Symptoms, Causes, & Treatment

    Periodontitis occurs when inflammation or infection of the gums (gingivitis) is untreated. It is the primary cause of tooth loss in adults.

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  • Woman's mouth being probed by dental professional

    What Does it Mean to Have Pockets in Your Gums

    What is a pocket in your gums? Much like the pockets sewn into your pants or jacket, a gum pocket is a deep space that collects things between your teeth and gums. Unfortunately, instead of spare change, gum pockets carry food particles, bacteria, plaque, and even infections

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