WaterpikTM Sonic-FusionTM Compact Replacement Flossing Brush Heads - Black


Brush, water floss, or both at the touch of a button using these SONIC-FUSION compact flossing brush heads. Soft, high-low bristles gently brush, while the water flosser removes plaque and debris from between teeth and below the gumline.

Clinically proven up to 2X (twice) as effective as traditional brushing and flossing for reducing plaque in hard-to-reach areas and improving gum health.*

Compatible with: All WATERPIK SONIC-FUSION models (SF-01, SF-02, SF-03, and SF-04 series)

Replace: Every 3 months as recommended by the American Dental Association

Includes: 2 color-coded, compact-size replacement flossing toothbrush heads with covers per package

*Based on brushing for two minutes and flossing for one minute.

Compatible Sonic-Fusion Models

Sonic-FusionTM 2.0, Black with Chrome (SF-03W012-2)

Sonic-FusionTM 2.0 Professional, Black with Chrome (SF-04CD012-4)

Sonic-FusionTM, Black with Chrome (SF-01W022-2) - Discontinued

Sonic-FusionTM Professional, Black with Copper (SF-02CD012-3) - Discontinued

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